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Machining Foundry

Supply Chain/Logistics


We offer a diverse variety of products allowing you to limit the number of suppliers you purchase from.  Doing business with us is as easy as doing business with any domestic company.  We offer warehousing and distribution from Cincinnati, OH and will ship in small quantities based on your desired delivery schedule.  We maintain enough on-hand inventory that supply interruptions just don't happen when you work with us.

Program Management


Our team of associates in the United States and in Asia are all highly skilled and experienced professionals.  We are comprised of a management team that has run foundries and/or held executive level leadership positions for many years.  We understand the critical needs of our customers and take pride in supporting such.  We appoint a program manager to each project to provide you with a single point of contact.



We put our technical skills to use for you.  Examples of what we have to offer include casting design, solidification modeling, advanced quality planning, etc.  

Rapid Prototyping


We have the ability to support you from the very beginning by providing you with design for manufacturability assistance and the supply of rapid prototypes.  We are able to support you from program inception all the way through high volume production and program sunsetting.

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