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Iron Casting Foundry

Whether you need iron, steel, aluminum, bronze, or magnesium castings, we have the right foundry for you!

We work with many types of metals and various processes.  Aluminum and other non-ferrous metals are unique metals to work with. Unlike iron, steel, or stainless steel, they tend to be abrasive on tooling and have different shrink rates, so you need to make sure the supplier you pick has experience with these metals. It becomes even trickier when you want a single supplier to help you with multiple different metals. This is where Precision Cast and Forge steps up and stands apart from the rest.

Precision Cast and Forge is a company that offers a variety of different options. Not only are we experts in aluminum casting, but we’re also iron casting foundry veterans, and we work with steel grades as well. When you work with us, you get services and products that span a much wider range than the other guys.

Our staff is really experienced and knowledgeable in this industry – we’ve been around for decades and our talent reflects that. We treat our staff right, and that’s why so many of them have been with us for years on end. You’ll notice the difference that an experienced and passionate staff makes when you work with us.

Our iron casting foundry abilities have been dialed-in over the decades. Newer companies haven’t gone through the learning curve we have, nor do they have the trial and error in their past to make them truly great.  We are experts when it comes to making highly cored complex castings.

We are a great resource for metal castings, but we do so much more.

To get a better idea of the services and products we offer, you can check out our website. There, you’ll find previous clients we worked with, and you’ll learn more about Precision Cast and Forge. When you’re ready to start, we’re just a phone call or email away. We look forward to providing the best casting and forging for you.

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